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Image by Mariana Proença
Energy Transition & Efficiency

The energy sector is the largest global contributor of GHG emissions and is still largely dependent on fossil fuels. 


With energy consumption set to grow, as population increases and global temperatures rise,  accelerating the sectors' decarbonization is of paramount importance.   

We focus on energy efficiency solutions, energy storage, smart grids and sustainable HVAC, among others,  to support and advance this transition. 

Smart Transport Solutions

The mobility sector is the third largest contributor to global GHG emissions, accounting for 20% of our total emissions, and it constitutes the leading cause of air pollution, which alone accounts for an estimated 4.2 million yearly deaths.


To decrease the negative impact of the sector, we support sustainable transportation, by enabling smart infrastructure solutions, shared mobility and electric mobility solutions.

Water Access & Quality

As glacier melt and droughts increase and the established water infrastructure becomes obsolete in many territories, the appropriate treatment and protection of this precious resource is more important then ever, to ensure it is used efficiently and is appropriately treated.

To support this process, we focus on catalyzing innovative solutions for efficient water treatment and effective water resource management.  

Our mission is to support the growth of successful businesses which enable the achievement of the SDGs. For this purpose, we have chosen to focus on three sectors. The sectors are:

  1. Sectors with high impact potential on the SDGs.

  2. Sectors presenting a multitude of business models with great growth prospects.

  3. Sectors in which our team possesses in depth expertise.

The combination of these three factors is what allows us to be the most effective, identifying promising innovative businesses which have the potential to greatly contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, and helping them to grow and transform, becoming pioneers in their respective fields at the forefront of the transition.

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