Zollikon, 11.02.2020

Prorsum is now the proud 82nd Signatory of the new Operating Principles for Impact Management.

These are a set of Principles launched in April 2019 by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation to provide a common framework for the management of investments for impact.


The purpose of the initiative is to provide a comprehensive structure for transparently integrating impact considerations into investment decisions. Given our commitment to measurable impact through our investments, adhering to the Principles is but a natural consequence of our work, similarly to our adherence to the UNPRIs.

The 9 Principles are designed to accompany the Signatories throughout the different phases of the investment cycle from investment strategy definition to exit.​ They are:

A. Strategic Intent                 

     1. Define strategic impact objectives, consistent with the investment strategy.

     2. Manage strategic impact on a portfolio basis.​

B. Origination & Structuring 

     3. Establish the Manager’s contribution to the achievement of impact.

     4. Assess the expected impact of each investment, based on a systematic approach.

     5. Assess, address, monitor, and manage potential negative impacts of each investment.

C. Portfolio Management      

     6. Monitor the progress of each investment in achieving impact against expectations and respond appropriately.

D. Impact at Exit                    

​    7. Conduct exits considering the effect on sustained impact. 

     8. Review, document, and improve decisions and processes based on the achievement of impact and lessons learned.

E. Independent Verification   

   9. Publicly disclose alignment with the Principles and provide regular independent verification of the alignment.

Prorsum is happy to adhere and implement the Principles, fully supporting the initiative's mission and vision, in the hope that the list of signatories will continue to grow.


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