Barcelona, 23.09.2019

Prorsum became the largest shareholder of EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions, a Spanish provider of innovative turn-key resource measuring campaigns for the offshore wind industry through cost-effective, accurate and reliable floating Lidar buoys. EOLOS' buoys are a cost-effective, efficient alternative to traditional met masts, offering precise data measurement and the possibility to be fastly re-deployed around the world.

EOLOS was founded in Barcelona in 2013, and, thanks to its innovative technology, has since managed to secure contracts and complete campaigns with some of the offshore wind industry largest players, such as NYSERDA, EDPR and Iberdrola, while securing new projects in South Korea, Ireland and the USA, among others, as well as funding from EIT's InnoEnergy.

Offshore wind is set to drive the growth of the wind energy sector in the following years, overall set to become the first source of electricity generation within a decade (World Energy Outlook, 2018). Offshore wind investments have now increased to record levels with offshore now growing more rapidly than onshore. A trend which is set to rise thanks to decreased costs and  the setting of targets in the EU, China,  Chinese Taipei, and the USA (IEA, 2018). EOLOS, with Prorsum's support, is in a great position to greatly benefit and  contribute to this growth. 

"We are excited to become the largest shareholder of EOLOS following the capital increase. Rajai and his team have made EOLOS over the past years one of the market leaders in the turn key floating LiDAR segment, and attract some of the biggest utilities active in the offshore wind industry as their clients. Due to the acceleration of the development time of offshore wind, EOLOS can provide a valuable impact on SDG 7. "

Otto von Troschke, CEO and founder Prorsum

"A significant closing for EOLOS, allowing the present team the flexibility and capability to both grow and expand globally in the market of turn-key offshore wind data measurement campaigns, not only by strengthening our financial position, but also through the extensive network within the energy sector that Prorsum can provide. [...] The rapid growth of the wind industry markets in Europe, North America and Asia is a great growth opportunity for EOLOS. The capital increase will allow EOLOS to better serve their clients with a trend towards multi buoy projects and to expand their global footprint. "

Rajai Aghabi, CEO and founder EOLOS



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