Zollikon, 27.03.2020

In light of the recent public health developments globally, showing solidarity with our fellow inhabitants of this earth is more important than ever.  Times like these demonstrate the vulnerability of our societies and subsequently test the resilience of our convictions. While we cannot control all of nature’s forces, we can control our own contribution to making the planet more promising for future generations. In this difficult situation, Prorsum remains strongly determined to make our environment and water safer and cleaner, and is proud to support Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is an initiative kick started in 2007 by the WWF in Sydney. Started as a symbolic demonstration, inviting participants to turn the lights off for  one hour in support of environmental preservation and the fight against climate change, it has now evolved into a large international grassroots movement. Our support for Earth Hour is not meant only as a symbolic one, at Prorsum we incorporate these values in our core mission and, by promoting this initiative, we wish to raise awareness and invite others to embrace and support the principles this movement stands for beyond the event. To know more about how to take part click here.


During these times of hardship for many, our thoughts go out to those communities that are particularly vulnerable to the tragic circumstances of COVID-19.


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